Male Pattern Baldness May Be Length To Height

March 13, 2017

© Peter Hansen | Dreamstime

Scientists have been searching for a cure for male pattern baldness probably as long as searching for a cure to the common cold. While a sure may still be in the works, another root of the trait may have been discovered and as the genes that cause a man to be on the shorter side are also linked to premature balding. The University of Bonn in Germany looked at the genes of 11,000 bald men and 12,000 men without any hair loss and identified four locations in men’s genes that were related to both shortness and hair loss. They study also theorizes that those genes responsible for baldness are responsible for early puberty.  As a young man begins puberty, some go through it earlier than others.  For those with the presence of testosterone earlier in life, it may cause the ends of a man’s bones to close, which, in turn, causes him to stop growing. Of course everyone is different so this isn't an absolute but it does give scientist more information to finding ways to battle baldness for those who wish to keep their locks of hair.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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