Making a Homemade Flamethrower To Rid Your Home of Roaches Isn't A Good Idea

August 9, 2016

Roaches are never a good sign and trying to get them out of your home can be a daunting task.  However making your own flamethrower to do the job is not a good idea.  Police say a man got so fed up with roaches in his apartment, south of Olympia, Washington, that he used a can of bug spray, in concert with a lighter, to create an impromptu flamethrower. The smoke generated by his creation prompted one of his neighbors to call 911 to report a fire. But by the time police and fire crews arrived, the fire — or at least the threat of one — had dissipated. There was no damage to the apartment. The man was arrested on suspicion of second degree reckless burning and was expected to be arraigned today.

Source: Oregon Live

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