Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

June 29, 2018

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Summer just started and we're already over the heat! It leads many to take their favorite morning beverage over ice.  Cold brew coffee tastes delicious when your barista makes it but you can save a bunch of cash by doing your own cold brew.  It's super easy with the knowledge of a few basics and about 30 minutes of hands-on time to make a big batch to last all week. Plus, this method is going to give you the smoothest, sweetest cup of coffee you've ever had. Here's what you need to know (and what to grab) for better cold brew at home. First off start with your coffee.  The grounds will need to be slightly thicker than you would for drip coffee, so grind them at home in small batches or ask your coffee shop to grind them coarse. Skip pre-ground coffee as it's usually too fine for cold brewing and makes a bitter brew. Next reach for room temperature or cold water. Combine the coffee and water at a ratio of 1 ounce coffee to 8 ounces water for every two servings. You can scale this recipe up for a big batch. Cold brew coffee is brewed via cold extraction, meaning that instead of hot water quickly running through the grounds, cold water slowly draws out the best flavors and more caffeine. So for a good brew, let it set for 8 to 12 hours preferably in the refrigerator.  For your patience, you'll get a smoother, stronger cup of coffee. Straining is the last, hardest step of cold brewing. Filter the concentrate through a double layer of cheesecloth over a fine-mesh strainer. Work in batches as needed and avoid pressing or wringing the grounds or you may get better brew. Once strained, you'll have a cold brew concentrate that can be used for simple iced coffee or even warmed for smoother hot coffee. The concentrate keeps well for seven days in the fridge.

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