Make Sure That Anti-Malware App You Download Isn't A Fake

June 19, 2017


Navigating through the thousands of apps in Google Play can cause a headache that lasts for days, especially when you are seeking out one to protect your phone and identify from thieves. A new report from security firm RiskIQ finds that there are “hundreds” of malicious, fake “antivirus” apps for Android that will make your phone significantly more vulnerable, rather than less if you download and install them. RiskIQ noted that searching the Google Play store for “antivirus” apps.  Of the 508 results found, they discovered 55 of them, that’s about 11% of them are known to be potentially malicious.  Google is tightening up it's policing of apps and has even launched a new Android Excellence program that highlights the best available apps, you still need to be cautious when opting to download an app. Some recommendations from RiskIQ are to stick to official stores, such as Google Play, not on random websites. Read the app description carefully to look for grammatical errors or inconsistencies and research the publisher. Double-check their email address to see if it’s a legitimate business web site, not a Hotmail or Gmail address. Also, have a look at the developer’s other apps, or perhaps even search the developer name to see if they’re legitimate.


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