Make Mid-Week Social Plans For Better Sleep

April 24, 2018

© Mary Katherine Wynn | Dreamstime

In our hectic schedules it seems crazy to plan a few drinks with co-workers on a Wednesday evening instead of Friday or to take an art class on a Thursday night instead of a Saturday morning. According to a new study, making mid-week plans outside of work, can help you relax and get better sleep.  While going straight home may involve more rest time, the researchers found that is futile if you don't have a mental break that fills you with more emotions than simply exhaustion. In short, we need a break from pressures, negative experiences and pressures of daily life ad if we don't get a chance to detach from them on a daily basis, the risk of poor sleep and insomnia increases. Researchers found those who did Yoga, took a walk, met friends or went to a music event, all reported better sleep than those who went immediately from work to home. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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