Majority Of Women Over 40 Don't Want To Look Younger

May 8, 2018

© Mary Katherine Wynn | Dreamstime

When it comes to beauty most women don't want to turn back the clock, which is contrary to the messages provided by the fashion industry.  A study of women over 40 found they are sick of being bombarded with anti-ageing products advertised by much younger models. Only 3% of women over 40 said they actually wanted to look younger. Rather 53% said they simply want to look good for their age and 29% want to feel confident. A large number felt annoyed by how older women are represented in beauty advertisements, stating that it is still possible to be sexy in later life without looking younger. Asked for their views on beauty product advertising, the women said they were irritated by the focus on how to ‘keep ageing at bay’, with 97% saying they wanted to see older models.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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