More Workers Quitting Their Current Jobs To Seek Professions They Enjoy

July 6, 2018

© Ekaterina79 | Dreamstime

If you're going to spend the majority of your day working at a job, it should be something you want to do!  A recent survey by found nearly 74% of Americans have left a job to pursue their true passions. As unemployment reached a record low in April of 3.9 percent, some Americans are looking for more satisfaction from their jobs and many say they they're willing to take a risk to pursue careers that give them a sense of purpose. The top three industries that employees left behind were retail, hospitality and finance – with careers in the arts, education and technology being the most desirable. However, the change didn't always pay off in the traditional sense. 47% of the people who were successful at starting a new career reported earning less money as a result. 32% said they went on to make more money and 21% made the same amount.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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