Major University Offering Scholarships To Video Gamers

April 18, 2017

© Suprijono Suharjoto | Dreamstime

If you think your kid's paying video games is a waste of time, they could be in the hunt for a college scholarship.  The University of Utah announced that it will offer partial scholarships for competitive game players starting this fall and up to 35 full scholarships in the near future. The school is working on plans on organizing a “varsity e-sports team” similar in structure to traditional sports teams like football and basketball. Utah is the first school in the "Power Five", the five richest athletic conferences in college sports, to offer scholarships for video gaming, which could be the start of other big-time sport schools to do the same. The $1,000 partial scholarships are being funded by the school's Entertainment Arts & Engineering department, which The Princeton Review named the country’s best video game design program in 2016.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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