Lying On The Internet Can Help Protect Your Data

February 23, 2017

© Kaspars Grinvalds | Dreamstime

We were all taught at an early age to tell the truth, so what is coming next may give you pause; you should lie.  Actually lie when online and that's advice an Internet security expert.  While being truthful shows character, it is leaving your personal information venerable on the World Wide Web.  For years, companies have employed a Q & A about you in an effort to keep your data secure.  Asking you the name of your first dog, you mother's maiden name and other personal information that you would only know seems like a good security measure.  But as more data is breached from supposedly secure company web sites, all that private knowledge of your 3rd grade teacher's name can find its ways to hackers, who in turn can use it to impersonate you. Experts suggest making up answers unique to the web site. So your mother's maiden name on your bank's web site would differ from her name on your insurance web site.  The random information on security questions will offer you better protection...that is...if you can remember the answers you provided.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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