Luxury Toothpicks Are A Hit

July 25, 2017

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It's never too early to start shopping for the holidays, especially for that one person who has everything. Although they may have a lot of stuff, luxury toothpicks are probably missing from their home.  Consider buying them toothpicks made from American milled northern white birch. 

#Regrann from @skowhegandrygoods - Flavored toothpicks made by our friends @daneson. Bourbon, Single Malt, Salted Birch, Cinnamon, and Mint flavored. #SkowheganDryGoods #newengland #newburyport #madeinnorthamerica #drygoods #northeastisbeast #northshorema #Portsmouthnh #boston #vsco #vscocam

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Each one is charred at one end, comes in six flavors: bourbon, single malt, ginger honey, lemon, mint and “cinnamint and are stored inside a thin, corked bottles.  They are the brainchild of Peter Smith, founder and CEO of Daneson that sells these luxury toothpicks for around $.75 apiece.  By comparison, a 250 pack of wooden toothpicks in the grocery store costs less than a penny each. Although it may sound frivolous, Smith says his Daneson toothpicks are hot sellers, which come four per bottle and sells for $9 online and says his toothpicks are fashion accessories with utility.

Our good friend John McClelland enjoying a #daneson at @whistlerblackcomb #InTheNameOfWinter

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SOURCE: National Post

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