Luxury Bottled Water From Icebergs Sells For $75 Each

March 6, 2017

© Laurin Rinder | Dreamstime

Last year American's spent $14.2 billion on bottled water and for the first time, water eclipsed soda sales.  So it should be no surprise that more companies are putting their money into bottled water.  A Norwegian startup company has thrown their bottle into the ring with water captured from icebergs that sells for $75 for one 25oz bottle (750ml).The company, Svalbardi, takes its name from the small island in the arctic circle and where harvesters go out into the fjords 80 miles from the north pole and pick out icebergs that would otherwise melt.  They take the melting water and bottle it up in a glass bottle and cork it with a wood cap; all by hand and is carbon neutral certified.  The company says the water is extremely pure with no pollutants or contaminants and has an incredibly light taste. The extremely high price point is due, in part, to limited production of just 13,000 bottles at a time.  The company spokesperson says the water will catch on in the world of the ultra-high net worth because of the level of exclusivity—and purity. Although only sold online in the United States, Svalbardi hopes to put bottles in stores sometime this year.

SOURCE: Fox Business

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