Love Insurance Pays Out If You Go Through The Marriage Ceremony

February 16, 2017

There is no insurance to prevent heartbreak...or is there?  While in America a pre-nuptial is fairly common before marriage, in China, brides and grooms-to-be are signing up for love insurance! Couples pay an insurance company a one-time fee to agree to get married within a set time frame. If they do end up getting married, they receive a payout, usually in the form of a larger amount of cash. Policies start  as low as $14 and go up to $43 and  even $72. If the couple produces a marriage certificate between 3 and 13 years' time, they will receive a corresponding payout of $291, $873 and $1,455. Although it may sound like an easy way to make your cash grow as you start your married life together, 98% of engaged couples in China break up before the ceremony!  Many feel the policy ensures the parties involved are serious about marriage and security for those involved in paying for a wedding.

SOURCE: Mashable

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