The Loudest Areas To Live In The Heart Of Florida

March 31, 2017

© Erik Reis | Dreamstime

There is a lot of noise and we're not talking about your co-worker's personal phone calls.  The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics has released a complete map of the United States, which highlights the areas in which you are more likely to suffer excessive noise. The good news for us in the Heart of Florida, most areas are subject to an acceptable 50 decibels or less, which is the equivalent of a humming refrigerator.  However if you live near Interstate 75, the Gainesville Regional Airport or Ocala International Airport and their flight paths, you are subject to background noise of around 70 decibels, which is like hearing the vacuum cleaner on 24/7. Most of the excessive noise in the country is thanks to transportation.  Not only is the noise annoying, recent studies are linking long-term noise pollution to an increased risk of high blood pressure and other issues.

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