Lose Weight By Taking Off Your Shoes

May 22, 2018

© Алексей Корнеев | Dreamstime

FINALLY! A diet plan you can stick to that not only could help you lose weight but help you live healthier. All you have to do is take off your shoes before you enter your home.  According to research, our shoes bring in nasty environmental chemicals known as obesogens, which meddle with your hormones, causing fat levels to build up in your tissues. Researchers found the biggest sources of contaminants were house dust, diet and everyday products such as kitchenware, cosmetics or cleaning chemicals. Scientists recommend homeowners buy fresh, organic and pesticide-free food over processed products, avoid synthetic cleaning products and to reduce outdoor obesogens from entering your home, take off your shoes. Regularly vacuuming the home can stop the chemicals from accumulating in house dust, as can replacing carpets at work and home with wooden flooring. Finally, they recommend reducing the use of plastic, especially when heating or storing food, and using glass or aluminum containers instead.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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