Long Commutes To Work Is Costing You Time and Money

October 24, 2017


Looking for a raise?  Move closer to work!  Researchers examined the impacts of commuting to and from work on the well-being of more than 26,000 employees and found that an additional 20 minute commute time is the equivalent of losing 19% of your paycheck. The study found that every extra minute of commuting time reduces both job and leisure time satisfaction, increases strain and worsens mental health. While people routinely endure longer commutes to work for the financial gains of cheaper properties and better living conditions for their families further away from cities, they are rewarded with negative aspects of a longer commute, higher stress levels commuting and less leisure time overall. The study found those who walk or cycle to work do not report reductions in leisure time satisfaction as the same way as other commuter, even with the same duration of commute. The report suggest employers offer more at-home work scenarios to improve quality of life for commuters.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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