Lock Aims To Thwart Bicycle Thieves With A Vile Scent

October 25, 2016


Nearly half on all bicyclists have one things in common, they've had their bike stolen at least once in their lifetime.  Even with the best locks and taking pieces of the bicycle with you when leaving it locked up have not deterred thieves from stealing them.  That all might change with two inventors from San Francisco who have developed SkunkLock, which like a skunk, releases an unforgettable scent when someone tries to cut it open.  Most bike locks are sawed off or cut off in two under a minute, including hardened steel locks costing hundreds of dollars.  SO they've designed Skunk Lock, which looks like a typical U-lock. However the center of the lock are two different chemicals; one being a mixture of capsaicin and other chemicals not only burns like pepper stray but apparently smells so bad it makes people violently sick.  Although never practically tested, volunteers say the mixture works with 99% of those within two feet causing them to vomit.  They're hopeful this deterrent will keep a thief from stealing locked bicycles. SkunkLock is taking pre-orders for $99 on Indiegogo.

SOURCE: Guardian

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