Local Resident Competes on TV game Show, Jeopardy! Wednesday

September 20, 2016


When you watch game shows on TV, you wouldn't think about all the hops and hurdles you must take to make it.  Gainesville's Sharren Gibbs knows all too well as she has tried for 10 years to compete on the TV quiz show, Jeopardy! and her hard work finally paid off as she will be a contestant on Wednesday's edition.  Sharren tells the Gainesville Sun that she has taken the online quiz every February since 2005, passing the test.  Then it was off to the on-camera interview and then it was on to the mock games, yet she never quite made the cut.  However fate was in the cards this year as she flew out to California with her sister to play the game for real.  Some of the secrets?  Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek is rally tall, so she and the other contestants had to stand on risers so they appeared to be similar in height as the host. An episode took 40 minutes to record and you were not allowed to take pictures, however she did snap a one with Alex. Sharren Gibbs will make her nationwide debut on Jeopardy! Wednesday (9.21.16) at 7:30pm on CBS 4 in the Gainesville area and at 7pm on WFTV channel 9 in the Ocala area.

SOURCE: Gainesville Sun

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