This Little Cotton Ball Trick Keeps Your Garbage Can From Smelling Bad

November 22, 2017

It's a constant problem in your kitchen and has been around as long as the garbage can itself.  The unique aroma that can linger long after the garbage can has been emptied and the trash bag is been hauled away.  There is a pretty simple solution you can begin to permanently keep the stench to a minimum and it involves a cotton ball. Soak a cotton ball in some essential oils and drop it at the bottom of your trash can, under the liner. The cotton ball will act like as a puffy little odor-fighting cloud and depending on the essential oil it adds more than just a nice scent. Lemongrass oil is a natural bad-odor balancer.  Tea tree oil and citrus oils help to combat bacteria. Mint oils help deter rodents (which is good for outdoor trash cans). Neem oil can help to keep bugs away.  Simply replace your cotton ball one a week with a new one and say goodbye to your stinky garbage can!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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