Lite Apps Use Less Memory, Energy And Data

May 16, 2017

The common problem of running out of memory on your phone means you have to make some hard choices of what items must be deleted.  The bad news is the most popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use a lot of memory space. The good news, at least for Android phones, is there are "lite" versions of these popular apps that not only saves memory but uses less data and improves your battery. The tradeoff is the lite apps aren't as refined or pretty as the data-memory-battery thirsty versions. But finding these lite apps can be tricky in the United States.  Developers created simpler apps for developing counties that generally have less cellular towers, fewer WiFi zones signals and phones that have less capacity to store data, but here is where you can get them (once again for Android only). Get Facebook Messenger Lite HEREGet Skype Lite HERE. Get Facebook Lite HERE. Get Twitter Lite HERE and get Instagram Lite HERE.  However one trick that both iPhone and Android users can employ now to save memory and battery life, is to use the web-based versions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Bookmark these sites in Safari or Chrome and skip the app itself.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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