Listening To Rock Music Equals More Board Game Mistakes For Men

December 13, 2016

© Stephanie Berg Dreamstime

As we gather for the holidays there is the classic board games we love to play. A little bit of science that could help or hurt you involves rock music.  In particular, men who listen to rock music while playing a board game tend to make more mistakes rather that those listening to classical songs.  Researchers from the Imperial College London and the Royal College of Music had a mixture of 352 men and women play the game Operation while listening to music on headphones. Each participant heard one of three possible tracks, a classical piece, a rock piece, and the sounds of an operating room. The team then timed how long it took participants to remove three body parts, and tracked their mistakes. The results revealed that men who listened to the rock piece were slower and made more mistakes, compared to those who listened to classical music or operating room sounds. Women, on the other hand, were not impacted by any type of music, generally taking longer to remove the body parts, but making fewer mistakes. It's not clear why men were affected more than women, though researchers say it could be because rock music causes more auditory stress, a state triggered by loud or discorded music in men.

SOURCE: EurelaAlert

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