List Of Restaurants That Ban Selfies Grows

November 10, 2017


Our society has addiction to social media and selfies.  While we don't see it as a problem, more and more restaurants are starting the intervention process and banning customers from taking photos of their food. But it’s not just snapping a selfie with your scallops, restaurants are banning all photography, from birthday cakes to group shots, with violators asked to leave!  A bit extreme?  Not so, say restaurant owners, chefs and hospitality staff who are tired of customers letting their food go cold while they hover over their iPhone to get the perfect shot and blocking aisles with group shots that prevent hot food from being delivered promptly.  A popular restaurant in Brooklyn called, Carthage Must Be Destroyed has a policy posted at the entrance that states, "No photos of the restaurant, no photos of the kitchen, no photo shoots, no video shoots, no flash, no excessive photo taking, and please keep the aisles clear." The three-Michelin-starred Waterside Inn in London placed a "No photos, please" sign on its door after its head chef became upset at people spending more time taking pictures of their food than eating it, saying, "A picture on a phone cannot possibly capture the flavors."

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