The Liquid Nose Job

August 15, 2017

© Lyoshanazarenko | Dreamstime

Although we found out last week the nose and lips are the least attractive parts of the face, we spend a lot of time and money of perfecting them to make ourselves feel better.  However many people are opting out of the traditional nose job and going for what is being called a liquid nose job.  Plastic surgeons are offering nonsurgical rhinoplasty, in which fillers are injected just below the skin on the bridge of the nose to contour and shape it without the hassle, pain and price of surgery. The fillers can straighten out bumps, camouflage asymmetry or rectify a botched nose job. The effects last about a year, fading as the fillers are metabolized by the body. Although not a new procedure, the cat is out of the bag and patient requests are up. Considering the $800 to $1,300 costs and short recovery time with little pain, the liquid nose job may be here to stay.

SOURCE: Fox News

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