Lionfish Invade Gainesville Area Restaurants

September 29, 2016


The state of Florida has taken a different approach to slow the invasion of the Lionfish, an aggressive invasive fish from the south pacific with venomous spiky fin rays and no predators that has flourished in the Atlantic and Caribbean destroying reefs.  So the state began Lionfish derbies to encourage local fishermen to remove as many lionfish as possible. Many restaurants began to create culinary delights fit for a king out of the lionfish and now several Gainesville restaurants will offer Lionfish on their menus in October. Dozens of chef’s will be creating masterful Lionfish dishes at popular restaurants like The Red Onion, The Top, Wahoo Seafood Grill, Dragonfly, Amelia’s and even Blue Highway Pizza with a portion of the proceeds of the dishes donated back towards the continued fight to protect of reefs. Foodies say Lionfish is delicious and taste like a cross between a hog snapper and a grouper.


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