Link Shown Between Asthma And Sugary Fruit Juice And Soda

December 21, 2017

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A surprising warning for parents who suspect no harm in giving their child fruit juice to drink.  A Harvard university study found a link between children who drink sugary fruit juice or whose mothers drank soda while pregnant and asthma. Researchers found that kids who had the most total fructose in their diets earlier in childhood were 79% more likely to develop asthma than children who rarely or never had sugary drinks. Women who consumed soda and sugary beverages during pregnancy were 70% more likely to have a child diagnosed with asthma by mid-childhood than mothers who never or rarely had sodas during pregnancy. While studies have been conducted on the link to sugar and obesity, this is the first to link fructose sugar y drinks with the chronic lung disease. This finding suggests that there are additional mechanisms by which sugary beverages and fructose influence asthma risks beyond their effects on obesity. The findings add to the evidence of the damaging effects of sugary diets and experts warn women to avoid sodas during pregnancy to avoid gestational diabetes and other complications. The researchers also say limiting sugary sweetened drinks, including fruit drinks enriched with sugar, in growing kids is essential to a healthier lifestyle.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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