Line Your Plant's Pot With A Coffee Filter

February 27, 2018

© Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime

You may have known that sprinkling used coffee around your rose bushes boost their blooms but that's not all that our morning ritual with coffee can do to benefit plants. If you are not confident in your green thumb than perhaps you should look towards your coffee pot for help. When you've returned from the store with a houseplant, line the pot with a coffee filter before transferring to its new home. A coffee filter is a simple hack that can help your plant grow with little help from you.  First, putting a coffee filter between your plant's dirt and the pot's drainage hole keeps dirt from leaking out, which can clog the drainage hole and lead to root rot when excess water can't escape. While many gardeners line the bottom with gravel to allow proper drainage, the stones take up valuable real estate your houseplant's roots need to grow.  Coffee filters also retain moisture better than gravel which can help if you are forgetful to water.  Then when it's time to move your thriving houseplant to a bigger pot, the coffee filter helps keep loose soil from spilling all over your work space.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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