A Leather Bra Handbag That Combines Two Fashion Essentials Into One

March 9, 2018

© Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime

 Two essentials of every woman's wardrobe is the bra and the handbag, but what the two were combined?  In a world where convenience is king, Helmut Lang has released a leather bag shaped like a bra. Helmut Lang's Black Leather Bra Bag comes equipped with two cup-like storage sections, thick round handles that double as adjustable bra straps, and a silver buckle to clasp the back. Multiple zippers and clasps are placed throughout the bag that allows it to function as a traditional hand-held bag as well as a bra! The keys, lipsticks, and cash often found struggling to stay in traditional bras can now be safely stored in a stylish and convenient way. However with a cost of $635, it is one pricey bag, er, bra, uh, thing!

SOURCE: Bustle

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