Lazy Jar App Debits Your Bank Account Of Money If You Fail To Meet Your Fitness Goals

November 7, 2017

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Motivation is the catalyst for change but that lack of motivation involving your workout can cost you a bunch of change thanks to the Lazy Jar app. The new app pairs with your FitBit and charges you cash each time you miss your weekly workout goals. You select how much you’re willing to pay if miss your fitness goals and Lazy Jar debits your bank account.  Although this isn't the first app to charge your own money for missing fitness goals but unlike those which you can eventually get your cashback, Lazy Jar donates 80% of your loss to charity and uses 20% to keep the app up and running. You commit to a 6-month program with a refundable $30 initial fee that you get back regardless of whether you reach your goals, as long as you stick with the program and try. You set your own fitness goals such as steps per day, calories burned, minutes of exercise, miles run, etc. and the app keeps track of your progress. Fail to reach your goal and the app debits your bank account! A little extra motivation for those in need. The Lazy Jar app is available in iTunes [CLICK HERE] and Google Play [CLICK HERE].

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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