Laundry Hacks When You Don't Have Any Time To Spare

May 8, 2018

Never fails that when you have no time to spare, you become derailed when the top you are planning to wear is wrinkly, has a bad smell or has shrunk in the last wash.  We are believers that knowledge is power, so here are some emergency laundry hacks you should keep in mind when you are in a pinch.  Wrinkly shirt but no time to iron? Toss it in the dryer along with a damp hand towel or washcloth and let it spin for 10 or 15 minutes on a medium-to-low heat setting. Another hack involves your hair flat iron. It's great for getting in between buttons on a shirt or straightening out a bendy hem and chances are you've already had is warming up in the bathroom.  Just make sure the hair iron is totally clean and dry. Perhaps your suit jack has a hint of stir fry rice and Mongolian BBQ from sitting next to the grill at your favorite Japanese steakhouse.  If so, give it a spritz of vodka.  The clear alcohol will diffuse the scent in an instant.  Got some salad dressing on your shirt?  Reach for the bread basket and pick out a piece of white bread.  Remove the crusts and ball it up and gently blot out the stain. It's not a total success every time, but it's better than letting the stain set in. Finally if your favorite sweater has shrunk in the wash, there is a chance you can un-shrink it by soaking the item in a mix of water and hair conditioner for five minutes, then laying it out onto a towel and gently and carefully stretching it back to its original proportions.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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