Laundry Dont's You May Be Doing

October 12, 2017

© Ivanna Grigorova | Dreamstime

If there is one thing you can always count on to be waiting for you is laundry!  It’s never really complete, right?  So with all that sorting, stuffing, setting and folding it would seem that we're experts on the subject.  Except there are some laundry don'ts that you may be doing.  Cleaning experts agree the number one mistake people make when it comes to cleaning their clothes is putting too much soap in the washing machine. It makes sense the dirtier the clothes, the more detergent needed to clean them.  The problem is that extra detergent doesn't get completely removed in the rinse cycle and can actually make your clothes dirtier than when they went in the machine.  Laundry detergent is designed to work even when you use very little, so follow the directions, and don’t over-soap! The other big mistake is washing too often.  While the thought of an empty clothes hamper sets your endorphins on fire, washing a clothing items when it has been washed only once isn’t always necessary. The exceptions are socks, underwear, kid’s play clothes and anything else that's clearly dirty should get washed after each wearing. Although your washing machine may have a delicate settings, you shouldn't throw your delicates in the washing machine. If you insist on using the washing machine put them in a delicates bag and keep them out of the dryer. Best way to get them clean? Hand wash with other delicates in a sink in cool water. 

SOURCE; Mother Nature Network

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