Laundry Detergent For Men

August 16, 2016


Laundry detergent isn't masculine enough!  Perhaps the smell lavender or spring breeze isn't unlocking your tribal manhood like oak and musk, which is the scent of Frey laundry detergent, as they target the male shopper in the laundry detergent department. The pheromone-inspired detergent is all material safe and comes in sleek black bottles, and sells for $16 online for a 36 load bottle. The Frey line also include air freshener, stain remover and wrinkle releaser, which are also sold online as well as being sold at some stores. Wonder if freshly mowed lawn or gunpowder scented versions are too far behind?

SOURCE: Frey - Laundry Detergent For Men

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