The Latest Summer Romper Is A Romper for Him

May 16, 2017

© Photographerlondon | Dreamstime

Fashion is filled with love-hate relationships, such as stiletto heels, shoulder pads and the Romper.  The benefits of a matching top and bottom in one unit is why rompers remain popular, however going to the restroom isn't one of the easier tasks.  But why should women have all the fun with rompers? 

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a romper for men; dubbed the RompHim could be the must-have this summer.  Just like their female counterparts, the RompHim will come in many colors and patterns to be diverse as those who have already been seen wearing them, including Carolina Panther quarterback, Cam Newton. 

However unlike a romper, the RompHim will come with a front shirt pocket, a zippered back pocket and zipper from to make bathroom trips easier. As ridiculous as some may think a romper for men is, the Kickstarter campaign has nearly reached its goal with order sets to be fulfilled by July.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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