Latest Slang and Their Meaning

March 7, 2017

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

Every generation introduces new words in to our vocabulary that lead many adults scratching their head as to their meaning, so let's play another fantastic game: Guess The Slang Game.  We'll take a look at some current slang and discover their meanings, or at least what your teen wants you to think it means! #1-Fam.  Kind of self-explanatory, it means close group of friends; a family. #2-Lit: describing something happening (example, "Last night's party was totally lit!  We had so much fun).  #3-Turnt: means excitement, craziness (Tracy was totally turnt last night at the party).  #4-Thirsty: describes someone who is desperate or impatient (Steve is thirsty to date Carissa). #5-Shade: an insult. Used to put someone down.  (ooh, Lisa threw share on Lindsey!) #6-Woke: You are knowledgeable on the subject (You don't know the difference between simple and compound interest?!?  You need to get woke).

SOURCE: USA Today (warning: autoplay)

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