Last Second Lane Merging Actually Reduces Congestion and Speeds Up Traffic

September 26, 2016


Imagine this, two lanes of of the road are merging into one.  There's one car that waits until teh last second to merge over.  Is that person a jerk of a human or a smart and safe driver?  It would surprise most that merging into one lane of traffic at teh last moment is actually smart.  So smart that many states are encouraging drivers to wait until the exact point where the lanes narrow before merging. The Colorado Department of Transportation says waiting until the last possible moment to merge actually reduces delays by up to 35% and reduces the length of a backup by up to 40%. The explanation is actually fairly simple: Cars merging earlier than they absolutely must leave the remaining portion of the closing lane unused. That makes backups worse. Merging as late as possible is also safer. But despite the evidence, drivers aren't likely to start going easy on people who skip the line to merge at the last second. Colorado has been trying to get the word out about merging later for a decade to no avail. 

SOURCE: Coloridian & West Central Tribune

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