Last Minute Father's Day Gifts That Don't Cost A Penny

June 15, 2017

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Father's Day is Sunday and as we celebrate Dad, you realize that finding the right gift for dad is hard (which explains his growing collection gifted neck ties). Not to mention it is in two days, so rather than spend money on a gift he won't use, try these last minute ideas.  As with Mom, a recent survey found that best gift a child can give his or her father is their time.  So have a Dad Date! Plan a sweet dad date. Even if you decide to chill at home, play some games, and crack open a few beers, he’ll really appreciate it. Help Him With A Project He’s Working On. Dad always is in the midst of a project or talks about starting one, so offer your assistance.  It also makes for great bonding time. Cook Up His Favorite Meal.  Many times we make dinner reservations, but Father's Day is special and nothing is more special than a home-cooked meal.  Make Dad's favorite meal save the restaurant for next time. Finally, Listen To His Childhood Stories.  Yes, you may have heard them many times before but they're special memories he holds dear to his heart.  Sharing them on this special day will mean the world. Quite honestly, what harm is there in hearing a great memory one more time?  Perhaps next year, his favorite memory to share will be this Father's Day!

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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