Las Vegas Airport Adds Marriage License Kiosks For Valentine's Day

February 14, 2018

Las Vegas is known for its gambling, 24-hour buffets, world-class entertainment and a fast marriage! Las Vegas is known as the wedding capitol of the world with the Clark County courthouse issuing an astonishing 80,000 marriage licenses a year!  So the county is moving into the 21st century with self-serve marriage license kiosks at the airport!  So would-be husbands and wives can now obtain their marriage license as they wait for their bags to fall down on the baggage conveyor belt! Not to be confused with the actual wedding ceremony, no vows will be said at the actual airport. Only the license itself will be issued.  The temporary marriage license kiosks at the airport was placed there as the city sees in influx of brides and grooms every Valentine's Day. Wedding licenses in Nevada costs about $50 with no blood tests or waiting periods.  A kiosk convenience fee of $27 will be added in the airport.

SOURCE: Fox News

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