Landlord Builds Wall In Front Of Tenants Door

July 19, 2016

Perhaps the most brutal and heartless landlord the world resides in a small German town called, Bochum.  There a battle between a retired couple, 77 year old Anita and her husband, 79 year old Joerg.  They rented the ground floor of an apartment building in 2012 with plans of living out their retirement in peace and quiet.  However it has been noting but peaceful and quiet.  The landlord, Christie claims the couple are party animals and consistently have loud parties.  So she's been working on getting the couple to leave.  According to the retired couple, there were verbal assaults at first, followed by Christie removing their mailbox, blocking visitors from parking their cars and turning off their hot water.  But the straw the broke the back was her most recent dastardly deed.  Joerg, was in his way out of the apartment when he was shocked to see the apartment’s front door walled in with cinder blocks, held together with mortar!  The landlady resorted to drastic measures and claimed she had no other choice, blaming the couple for a dispute that couldn't even be resolved with police intervention.  Christie thought the lease would finally be broken if the couple attempted to remove the wall, therefore causing damage to the property. However the town's fire department was dispatched and they removed the wall.  Finally the elderly couple say they have found a new place to live and are moving out next month.

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