Lake Worth Residents Warned Of Zombie Acoplypse

May 23, 2018

© Rudall30 | Dreamstime

Residents of Lake Worth is reassuring citizen there is no need to fear a zombie apocalypse after a power outage early Sunday morning.  Around 1:45am, a push notification message was sent out about a power outage.  However mixed in the message was a warning of a zombie alert and that the power outage was due to extreme zombie activity in Lake Worth and Terminus, a fictional town in the story of The Walking Dead.  City officials were quick to release a statement that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently and apologize for the system message.  The prank was due to a series of pre-programmed messages in the city's push notification system that have now all been removed and an investigation has been launched to find the prankster.

SOURCE: Palm Beach Post

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