Lack Of Dreaming Can Be A Sign Of Poor Health

October 18, 2017

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Trying to remember specifics about a dream may be frustrating when discussing it with someone but if you can honestly say you never dream, it may be a warning sign of your health.  Although there are differing opinions on why we dream but our minds dream during the state of sleep we call REM sleep, or rapid eye movement sleep, and it's during that phase that your heart rate and blood pressure levels are close to what they are during your waking hours. If you're not having and remembering dreams you're probably not experiencing the correct type and level of REM sleep. That can lead to several of emotional and physical health issues, including irritability, depression, weight gain, hallucinations, memory troubles, immune system breakdowns, and even a loss of spirituality, just to name a few. But just sleeping more isn't the solution, quality sleep is key.  Avoid items that disturb your REM sleep such as alcohol consumption before bed, sound and light distractions (phone ringers, TV) and consult your doctor if you are finding it hard to get quality sleep.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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