Lab-Grown Mosquitoes To Be Released To Battle Disease

November 8, 2017

It may sound like a bad horror movie script but mutant mosquitoes are coming!  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved genetically modified Asian Tiger mosquitoes to be released in Florida and 19 other states as well as Washington, DC this summer.  The mutant male mosquitoes, which do not bite, will contain a naturally-occurring bacterium that will prevent female's eggs to hatch. The idea is that over time, as more male mosquitoes are released to mate with wild females, the population dwindles—without having to resort to pesticides that are not only harmful to people and the environment, but are becoming less effective.  If successful, MosquitoMate, which is the company that came up with the modified mosquito, plans to do the same for the Yellow Fever Mosquito, which is the main transporter of the Zika virus.


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