How clean is your desk?

And what about what's on it?

August 7, 2018

We spend 8+ hours a day in the office,and most of that at our desks! So it's no surprise your desk can be a literal petri dish of harmful bacteria! But there are a few items that are dirtier than the average toilet, according to experts. 

Time to clean that phone! You are the biggest microorganism at your desk, so most of the bacteria comes from people. The computer keyboard and mouse are a typical part of office life, so every key strike deposits and picks up microorganisms!! "Studies of keyboards outside of offices has found pathogenic bacteria within hospitals, whereas within universities, multi-user keyboards have a greater range of organisms – including some gut bacteria."

"Most paperwork these days is digital, but still, many of us will regularly come into contact with different bits of paper – think, taking minutes in a meeting, leaving notes on a colleagues desk, or even when reading books or newspapers on a lunch break. Paper and particularly library books are a common source of contamination." Similiarly, reusable coffee mugs should be cleaned properly to prevent bacterial growth. "Research has shown up to 90% of mugs in office kitchens are coated in germs, and that 20% of those cups actually carry fecal matter. In your office, you only need to be worried if you chew on pens and happen to lend them to people with poor bathroom hand-washing practices."