Knowing One Of These Three Second-Languages Will Make it Easier To Succeed in Business

April 7, 2017

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With the world getting smaller parents are looking to help their children to carve out a piece of it! One way is experts say you can give any child an advantage is to teach them a second language.  Knowing more than one language has huge advantage, considering nearly 3/4 of Americans only know English and of those knowing of a second language, less than 1% are proficient in speaking it.  But what is the language best suited for your child to learn?  Many different opinions but a consensus point to three: Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. Considering there are just as many Spanish speakers as there are English in the world, it is kind of a no-brainer. Plus it is one of the easier languages for English-speakers to learn. French is the 4th most-common language in the United States and spoken in 53 counties it is a second or third language for many.  So if your German counterpart doesn’t understand English but does French, having a “plan B’ is an asset to any company. As China grows economically and politically, learning to speak Mandarin Chinese, the main spoken dialect in China, can be hugely beneficial and fairly easy to teach children.  With the characters looking like pictures, kids generally enjoy learning this language.  Although not a spoken word, American Sign Language is the fourth most used language in the U.S. and not only helps deaf people communicate, it helps those with special needs. Visual languages are easy to learn and can be useful in many business situations.

SOURCE: Parents & Daily Mail

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