Kmart To Replace Plus-Size With Fabulously-Sized

September 15, 2017

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We know that body-shaming can lead to some unhealthy results ranging from ow self-esteem to eating disorders.  While the world looks to address the problem, K-mart is trying something different in their clothing section.  Kmart's Chief Marketing Officer announced the chain would be more size sensitive and rid itself of the term "plus size" and replace it with  “Fabulously Sized,” K-mart says it plans to make it's women's clothing items available in a full range of sizes, up through 5X, including wide-width shoes and larger-sized lingerie. The move comes after K-mart reached out on social media about clothing sizes.  While calling for more sizes, some suggested they call the plus-sized section something different. So "Fabulously Sized" will be the replacement, although it doesn’t have universal support from shoppers as many find the term condescending. 

SOURCE: Forbes

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