Kiwi May Be The Key To A Restful Night's Sleep

May 16, 2017

© Alexshevchenko | Dreamstime

We never stop looking for ways for you to get a good night's sleep. From sleeping in a cool room to the Gravity Blanket that uses deep touch stimulation. How a new player that a study suggest not only helps you sleep longer but helps you fall asleep faster, kiwi fruit. Instead of taking two sleeping pills, opt for two kiwi fruits next time.  Scientists conducting the study said eating two kiwi about an hour before bedtime helped people nod off quicker and sleep more soundly.  It is not understood why but it could be linked to high antioxidant and serotonin levels in the fruit. A month long study was just concluded and it found those who ate two kiwi before bed slept 13% longer and the time it took to fall asleep dropped by 35%!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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