Kitten Shaved and Sold As Hairless Sphynx

November 30, 2016

© Anna Utekhina Dreamstime

Scammers never cease to amaze the lengths they'll go to get your money.  A Canadian woman is in shock that her $700 hairless sphynx kitten is a regular cat that had been shaved bald!  JoAnne Dyck of Red Deer, Alberta answered an online ad for a sphynx kitten and the deal was struck.  However the seller was over two hours away and as part of teh deal, the seller said they'd have someone drop off the kitten.  Once JoAnne had the kitten, she named Vlad, she noticed the cat constantly crying and would not get along with her other cat. She thought it wouldn't be a good combination so she agreed to find Vlad another home.  The new owner kept in contact with JoAnne who said even after a few days, Vlad was not calming down.  It wasn't until Vlad was taken to the vet his horrible past was discovered.  The vet noticed cuts on Vlad's skin and the vet informed the owner that Vlad wasn't a sphynx at all. Apparently his hair was completely removed, including his whiskers and that the cries were from the pain of losing its hair.  After a few weeks, Vlad's hair was growing back; orange in color.  JoAnne said the seller has vanished and is filing a cruelty complaint with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals but without the seller’s real name or address, there is little hope of finding the seller. When in doubt, have your perspective pet examined by a vet before purchasing to make sure the animal is in good health.


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