Kitchens Are Being Used To Store Clothes!

June 29, 2018

© Monkey Business Images Dreamstime

We talked about how you can refresh your denim jeans with an overnight stay in the freezer but it appears more of our clothes are finding their homes in the kitchen instead of the bedroom! According to a recent survey, 15.4% of people said they use the inside of kitchen appliances like stoves and microwaves for storage. Roughly 20% of survey respondents admitted to using the space under their kitchen or dining room table for storage. Not to be outdone, 27% people said they use their garage to store clothes and 15% of people who admit to using their car trunk for extra storage. While not all people have the luxury of an additional sleeping space, 63.4% of those surveyed said that they use a spare bedroom for extra storage!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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