Kitchen Items To Keep Out Of The Dishwasher

August 7, 2017

© Moreno Soppelsa | Dreamstime

Based on its name alone, you would assume cooking and kitchen dishes are meant for the dishwasher.  But not all cooking utensils should be cleaned in the machine.  Cheese graters should be washed by hand as sticky cheese cannot be completely cleaned from the grater holes.  Same goes for a garlic press.  Wooden utensils should stay out of a dishwasher too.  The hot water and pressure in a dishwasher is too intense for anything made of wood, including spoons and chopping boards. The heat could also cause your utensils to warp out of shape and cause the color to dull. Keep those expensive sharp knives out of the dishwasher too.  The heat and pressure can cause the blade to warp or dull. Keep those aluminum and copper cookware out too as it will cause discoloration. Finally anything made out of crystal as it is the high pressure water and heat can chip it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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