Kitchen Cooking Myths Debunked

March 3, 2017

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Let's play the new and exciting game, Kitchen Fact or Fiction!  Where we take a look at long held beliefs about cooking to see if they are fact or fiction!  #1-Mushrooms shouldn't be rinsed because will absorb all the water, swell up, and lose their distinctive taste.  FICTION-Mushrooms are more than 90% water, so absorbing b it more inthe cleaning process shoudl change anything; other than removing the dirt on it.  #2-Alcohol burns off during cooking, because the high heat evaporates the alchohol.  FICTION-Although does evaporate with heat, just like water, anywhere from 5% to 85% of the alcohol can remain in teh cooked food. #3-Oil keeps pasta from sticking together and even is included in teh heating directions.  FICTION-Oil doesn't mix with water, so it linger on top and not in teh water where the sticking can occur.  The only surefire way to keep pasta from sticking is to constantly stir it. #4-Searing meat seals in juices because it creates a crust and keeps in the juices. FICTION-Although this folklore has been widelt beleived since the 1850s, when meat cooks, it loses juices.  In fact chef Alton Brown tested the theory and found that a seared steak actually lost more juices than one that wasn't seared. #5-Avocado pits keep guacamole from browning. PARTIAL FACT/FICTION-Avocados have an enzyme which causes the fruit to brown when it comes in contact with oxygen. The only area that wouldn't turn brown woudl be shielded from air by the pit. 

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network [slide show]

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