Kids Focused Better When Dressed As Their Favorite Superhero

December 8, 2017

© Marcin Chodorowski | Dreamstime

Parents who let their children express themselves can rest easy that they are on the right track. When it comes to kids wearing their favorite superhero costume, it pays off with a child that is better focused, says scientist. Call the "Batman Effect", a study found that children were better at persevering through boring tasks when they were dressed up like a super hero. Around 180 kids aged from four to six had to complete a boring 10-minute task and were told once they become bored they could opt to play a game on an iPad in a nearby room. To the surprise of no parents anywhere, the children all spent the majority of their time playing on the iPad - roughly two thirds to one third in play versus work. However, the kids that had dressed up as superheroes did the most work out of any of the three groups. Scientist found the kids took on the positive aspects of their idols.  They would ask "Is Batman working hard?" The children who referred to themselves in the third person in turn did more work than those children referring to themselves as 'I' or 'me'.  There is no word on whether such a tactic would help adults at work, but the study's findings help prove that kids were able to be more productive when they distanced themselves from their actions - but even more so when taking on the persona of someone inspiring and/or heroic.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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