Kids Eat Dinner at 3pm

March 8, 2018

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It's a parental dilemma that spans generations.  After a day of learning at school, your kid’s stomachs are empty and they're begging for food in mid-afternoon.  So they have a snack to hold them over until dinner but now they don't want to eat when it's time to sit down for the main meal!  One mother offers a suggestion to serving your kids dinner at 3pm, or whenever they come home from school.  She writes that it can be hard sometime to have a meal prepared at 3 but with some planning you have balanced meals ready to be heated up as soon as your kids return from school. So instead of them filling up on snacks which only spoiled their appetite for dinner. They usually eat this early dinner before they do their homework, which means that they are well fed and happy when it’s homework time, and also for the rest of the evening. Another benefit of theme eating dinner earlier is they're not eating their main meal an hour or two before bedtime, which can lead to slimmer waistlines and less stomach issues. 

SOURCE: Offspring

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