Kids Of Divorced Parents Fair Better With Joint Custody

September 5, 2017

When couple decide its best to end their marriage, the majority of times, mothers receive full custody of the children in 80% of divorce cases.  However a Swedish reports suggests that is all wrong.  In fact they found that kids have a harder time missing one of their parents than they do coping with their parents not getting along. Data was analyzed from over 800 children of divorced couples and it found that kids who live with just one of their parents are more likely to experience stress multiple times a week than kids in joint custody. Shared custody allows children to maintain active relationships with both parents, gives them more resources that each parent has separate access to, and takes away worry over the parent they rarely see. If you want to hasten the process of healing, or at least tolerance, the worst thing you can do is declare one person a winner and one person a loser. You're both winners. You're both going to be parents. That will actually diminish conflict.

SOURCE: Eureka Alert

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